Powerdown Cool Cell shock absorbers have been designed for parabolic spring and air suspension applications where suspension control is crucial.

These types of suspensions can oscillate at 7 to 10 times the rate of a multi leaf suspension which generates a high amount heat within the shock absorber, making the following heavy duty features essential for shock absorber longevity and control:

  • Large 41 mm Bore Size
  • Nitrogen Gas Cell to maintain oil viscosity and dampening performance
  • Viton Seal & High Temperature Oil to withstand higher operating temperatures longer, outlasting standard oils and rubber seals
  • Increased Oil Capacity vastly improving the shock absorbers ability to dissipate heat and operate cooler under hard working conditions
  • Upgraded Dampening Forces for our roads and higher horsepower engines, unlike products designed for Europe or North America
  • 360° Welds & One piece Eye Rings for increased strength and durability

Extra Comfort & Control

Powerdown shock absorbers will significantly improve driver comfort and control, by keeping the vehicle’s tyres in contact with the road surface.