Brisbane Truck Show: 25 to 28 May 2017

Friday, 19 May 2017

Organised by the Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) formerly the Commercial Vehicle Industry Association of Queensland since its inception in 1968, the Brisbane Truck Show is recognised as the Australian transport industry’s premier event.

Held every two years, the Brisbane Truck Show attracts more than 300 exhibitors and up to 40,000 attendees over the four days of entry. Exhibitor displays will showcase the latest in heavy vehicles, technology, engineering and innovation.

At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, Powerdown the heavy duty shock absorber experts will be opening up an area of the stand specifically for suspension trouble shooting. Known as the Powerdown Workshop, this dedicated area is to provide assistance and information on shock absorbers, height control valves and suspension related issues.  Powerdown staff are on hand to help trouble shoot and discuss any particular problems that you may be encountering with your truck or trailer. 

Issues that will be covered include:

  • Suspension Ride Height getting it right
  • Signs my shocks are on the way out
  • What happens when my shocks are worn out
  • Tightening bushes
  • Testing height control valves

On Vehicle Ride Height Sticker

One of the main items featured in the Powerdown Workshop will be the new and innovative on vehicle ride height gauge. An industry first Powerdown has released a select range of shock absorbers with a recommended ride height sticker. This sticker is designed to indicate where the shock absorber is operating in terms of stroke when the shock absorber is fitted to the vehicle.

A shock absorber is primarily designed to operate in the midpoint of the extended & compressed length of the unit. The sticker is strategically placed on the body of the shock absorber so that when it is mounted on the vehicle the sticker will illustrate where the shock absorbers is operating in its stroke range giving the shock absorbers its maximum life expectancy.

Low Pressure Gas

Powerdown’s low pressure gas shock absorbers will be on display with the innovative new stickers applied. The new shock absorbers are designed for selected trucks &  trailers utilising a specialised measured low pressure gas injection process. The key benefit of the new gas injection process is to provide further cooling properties inside the shock absorber.  This will allow the shock to operate cooler for longer and resist a loss of dampening performance.

We look forward to seeing  you at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show at stand no. 35