The transport industry has historically been portrayed as a large contributor to global pollution; and with modern companies becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprint, they are proactively taking charge in changing this image, and searching for ways to minimize their impact on the planet.

Powerdown’s Supershock with Enveero inside is the perfect fit for environmentally conscious companies and fleets, who refuse to compromise on performance and reliability.

  • Large bore size 45mm diameter
  • Enveero inside Enveero is a synthesised, ultra high performance, environmentally friendly shock absorber fluid designed and developed in Australia by Powerdown
  • Low pressure gas to keep the unit operating at lower temperatures
  • Advanced low friction keeping the dust out for longer shock absorber life
  • Increased body size for extra fluid capacity
  • Exclusive on vehicle ride height indicator (Only available for some applications)
  • High tensile strength
  • Hydraulic Stop/Recoil Cutoff helps increase longevity and reduce fatigue on shock absorber
  • DU bush in rod guide helps reduce friction and wear when side loading occurs
  • High quality product backed by a 2 years/250,000kms warranty