Steering Dampers & Retro Fit Kits

Road related vibration and feedback can be transferred through the steering wheel requiring the driver to make constant steering adjustments that ultimately leads to levels of driver fatigue.

To absorb this vibration Powerdown have designed & developed a range of universal steering dampers and fitment kits that can be fitted to most solid axle Japanese, European & American trucks and buses.

Steering Damper

Vibrations caused by road irregularities make it hard to control steering at times. Steering dampers absorb shock and vibrations from the road before the reach the driver.

How to measuer for Steering Damper

Step by step instructions on how to measure your vehicle for fitment of a steering damper.

Fitting Kits

Complete fitting kits are available for all Powerdown steering dampers.

Cab Dampers

Powerdown stock a full range of upgraded cab dampers to suit most makes and models of vehicles in various body and bore sizes.

These components go largely unnoticed until they fail, causing the cab to become unstable and significantly reducing driver comfort.

Reduce Fatigue

Cab dampers lessen the vibrations and movement of the truck cab. This makes them very important for driver’s safety helping them become less fatigued.

Cab Suspension

Cab Suspension

Cab dampers and cab air bags fitted to the rear of the truck cab.

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