Don’t fall asleep when it comes to safety

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Powerdown the suspension solution provider, have designed and a developed a steering damper system to combat the effects of driver fatigue.

According to the National Road Safety Strategy, “20% of all fatal road crashes in Victoria involve driver fatigue, while estimates in Queensland are that sleepiness contributes to 20–30% of all deaths and severe injuries on the road. Fatigue is four times more likely to contribute to impairment than drugs or alcohol”[1].

A keyway to alleviate driver fatigue is to ensure that a steering damper is fitted to your vehicle. Steering dampers absorb shock and vibrations from the road before they reach the driver making vehicle control smoother and easier. The key benefit of the steering damper is that it reduces the driver having to make continuous minor steering corrections over uneven road surfaces thus lessening driver fatigue. Powerdown have designed and developed a range of steering damper and retrofit kits to fit all types Japanese, American and European trucks.

If your truck does not already have a steering damper fitted, no problem at all Powerdown have designed easy to install retrofit kits to allow for a damper to be fitted. The kits have been made in Australia, consisting of brackets to connect the damper to the bottom of the spring pack and the tie bar. All U-bolts, nuts and washers are included, along with an easy step by step guide to assist with the fit up.

The Powerdown steering damper range consists of four different length dampers depending on the vehicle configuration. Click here to see the chart and measuring guide to determine the correct length damper for your vehicle.