New P1041 for 9″ ride height Kenworth Airglide 200, 400 & 460 suspension

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Powerdown shocks have forged a reputation for toughness and reliability over the past 30 years.

Building on these heavy duty principles the Powerdown engineering team have developed the all new P1041 suitable for fitment to the Kenworth Airglide 200, 400 & 460 – 9” ride height suspension.

Larger 45 mm disc valve – more precise control and longevity

Low Pressure Gas charge – to stabilise valving and extra cooling properties

Polyurethane Bushes with locating sleeve – better centralisation of pin mounts with less damage to the mounting tower

Increased Body Size – for extra oil capacity keeping the shock running cooler for longer

The P1041 has been further equipped with the Powerdown on vehicle ride height sticker to ensure your shock is riding in the correct zone to achieve maximum performance & longevity.