P227 & P342 Supersessions for trailer shock absorbers

Monday, 14 November 2016

P801 & P684

In our quest for continual improvement to make our shock absorbers perform better and last longer

Powerdown have further upgraded our range of low pressure gas shock absorbers to include the P801 and P684. Combining a large 45mm bore size and low pressure nitrogen gas, these units will bring further improvements in suspension control compared to their predecessors the P227 and P342.

Powerdown No. P227 supersedes to P801

Suits Holland, Krueger, ROR (Meritor)  & Weweler trailer suspensions (See catalogue for details) 

Powerdown No. P342 supersedes to P684

Suits Krueger & ROR (Meritor) trailer suspensions (See catalogue for details) 


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